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Dec. 5 - Andrew Hall
Property & Casualty Insurance
Dec. 12 - Kevin Byworth
Mortgage Broker
Dec. 19 - Taiju Hashimoto
Dec. 26 - Christmas Break
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Visit the BNI Success Network

To see how together we can grow our businesses.

How to Visit
Well, that's the easiest part, just come out on a Thursday morning.Visitors are almost always welcome, however, it's a good idea to check in with one of our leadership team because we always like to know when guests may be stopping by. Also check our event calendar because we do have special events from time to time. Once at the meeting we will ask you to sign in and put on a name tag and then our visitor host, during an open networking session, will introduce you to the members that would most likely be good referral partners for you. Then, once we sit down, we all have a chance to speak briefly about our business and what type of referral we are looking for. We would like to hear from you as well. After that, one of our members gives a 10 minute presentation on an aspect of their business (see the calendar of events for up-coming presentations). We then go through the "I have" portion of the meeting where we pass business (referrals) between members. Finally we close the meeting with another open networking session. At this point if you have any questions about joining, our members will be happy to assist you in filling out an application and answering questions.

How to Join
Joining our chapter is an easy process. The First Step is visiting us. Once we've identified your business as a potential fit, we will ask you to complete an application and submit it with payment to our Membership Committee. The Second Step is the interview process. This usually takes place over a lunch appointment where an individual from our membership committee will meet with you and conduct a short interview to gather more pertinent information. After this interview the membership committee meets one last time and your application is officially accepted or rejected. It's as easy as that!

How to Substitute
Not every business is a potential referral source for our current membership. One easy way to increase your visibility with our membership is by substituting for our members when they are absent from the chapter. Being a substitute has its advantages....it will increase your visibility to members; you'll get the benefits of networking with people who want to do business; and it provides you the opportunity to promote your business to the chapter during our Open Networking portion, potentially increasing your profitability. To become a substitute, speak to a member of our Leadership Team after one of our regular meetings.

So why do we do it?
Every one of our members has seen growth in their business.
With a simple tracking system we know that the BNI Success Network in 2012 generated over
$300,000 in business for our members

We Meet
Thursday mornings, at 7:00 am at Delta Hotel Toronto East, 2035 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, Ontario M1T 3G2.

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